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Each of the 5 DVDs features 40 minutes of brand-new teaching video from Dr Peter Vardy (divided into ten handy units, which can be embedded in your own presentations). The DVD also contains editable PowerPoints (100+ slides), copyable 10-12 page notes booklet with activities and additional video resources on each argument.

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51C4jgmw8NL._ETHICS MATTERS (30 Nov 2012) How do we know the difference between right and wrong? How can we make decisions about issues from germ-line genetic engineering to the regulation of banking, from nuclear power to ethnic bioweapons, from end-of-life care to global warming? What does it mean to live a good life? Ethics Matters introduces students and general readers to the business of making moral decisions, engaging them in meaningful dialogue and inspiring them to find out more. Beginning with a discussion of the question of truth in Ethics, Peter and Charlotte Vardy outline and evaluate major approaches to doing ethics from Natural Law and Virtue Ethics to Situation Ethics and Postmodernism, considering how these might inform decision making in today’s world. Ethics Matters places the latest scholarship in context, clarifying how it relates to today’s biggest challenges, without in any sense ‘dumbing down’.
“Ethics Matters is a hugely valuable contribution to the minefield that is ethics in today’s complex world. It will prove of enormous practical help to teachers, clergy and students, but not exclusively so. This is a book that many will enjoy and benefit from reading… highly recommended.” The Good Book Stall
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Vardy (3)GOD MATTERS (31 Oct 2013) Perhaps human beings are animals, driven by the will to survive and reproduce, perhaps responsibility is a useful fiction and religion is the opium of the masses. Perhaps death is the end, life is ultimately meaningless, brutish and short. Perhaps man is the measure of all things and beauty, truth and justice are open to interpretation. Or, perhaps not. God matters. The choice over whether and what to believe is inescapable because it determines how we live our lives. Nothing matters more. This book encourages and enables students and general readers to ask fundamental questions about the nature and meaning of human life in an open, engaging but academically rigorous way. Centuries of scholarship in the Philosophy of Religion, from Jewish and Muslim as well as Christian traditions, are put in context and critically evaluated. Examples from art, film, and literature show the contemporary relevance of debates which have raged throughout human history. 
“To provide breadth, depth, rigour and accessibility all in one introductory text is quite an achievement, but it is one that Peter and Charlotte Vardy have managed.  It really is an excellent read!” Roger Meadowcroft (Head of Religion & Philosophy, The Royal Grammar School, Guildford)
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LIFE AND DEATH COURSEBOOK by Charlotte Vardy (2013)419mjknXRaL._In a new and insightful analysis, experienced lecturer Charlotte Vardy helps the student navigate around the complex ethical issues surrounding Abortion, Euthanasia, IVF treatments and Genetic Engineering.

“This is an indispensable guide to a fast-moving area of applied ethics at A level, pitched just right.” BP, Somerset, UK

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goodandbadreligionGOOD & BAD RELIGION (2010)
Religion is a central aspect of culture, as is the critical evaluation of different types of religion. Since 9/11 religion and different manifestations of it have been far more in the public eye in western societies than they had been since the Enlightenment. Yet, not all forms of religion are necessarily good for those who adhere to them and for others. Some types of religion are dehumanizing and need to be resisted whilst others are profoundly humanizing and good. In “Good and Bad Religion” Peter Vardy, one of the leading moral educators in the UK, seeks to provide criteria to separate good and bad manifestations of religion – central to this are United Nations declarations on rights and the broad agreement, found in the Western and Eastern philosophical conditions, that there is a single human nature which all human beings share and certain types of attitudes and behaviour can be profoundly damaging.
“please buy and read this valuable, important, and seemingly overlooked book so that one may add an informed viewpoint to the debate, rather than retreating to a comfortable bunker position, hurling insults at the other side.” Amazon 5* reviewer, 2014
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Almost everyone is directly affected by questions involving sex and sexual ethics – yet few are aware of the background to current views on topics such as sex before and after marriage, sex as procreation and fulfilment, homosexuality, sexual abuse, rape and contraception. This new edition offers added and up-to-date material discussion burning current issues in a thoughtful, reflective and challenging way.
“This book is ideal for Philosophy and Theology students. Tackles issues in easy to understand vocabulary. Definately reccomendable. Peter Vardy is one of the best authors in the field of Philosophy” Amazon reviewer

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WHAT IS TRUTH (2003)At a time when truth is seen increasingly as a dirty word, there seem to be no firm landmarks that can hold sure and unchanged in a sea of relativity. Many deny the validity of any search for truth while others are convinced thay have it and seek to impose it on others. This book charts a course between these opposing movements of relativism and religious fundamentalism, drawing on such thinkers as Aristotle, Plato, Wittgenstein, Marx, Freud, Nietzche and Kant, as well as on a broad spectrum of religious beliefs. It clearly argues for the case of truth and the need to search, challenging us to think about issues that go to the very heart of who we are as human beings and what sort of lives we should live.

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This is a book about a remarkable man – yet in an important sense it is not about this man at all. Soren Kierkegaard died in Copenhagen, Denmark, at the age of forty-two in 1855. His writings had little influence in his lifetime and after his death, even with the translation of some of his works into German, he was barely known. Yet today, he is internationally accepted as one of the world’s greatest thinkers and is often considered the father of existentialism.Here, Peter Vardy makes Kierkegaard’s often complex and difficult thinking accessible to a wide audience. He sketches a few of the central themes of Kierkegaard’s thought and gives the reader a feeling for the way he approaches problems and some sense of the breadth of his work. This revised and expanded edition is an ideal introduction to Kierkegaard for both students and the general reader.
An astonishing feat. . . . Vardy forms a compelling reading of [Kierkegaard’s] life and his thoughts for any student of philosophy or those simply seeking to reach an adequate understanding of the philosopher. Suresh Vythylingam, Southwestern Journal of Theology
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Peter Vardy is also author of the following books, which may be ordered from other suppliers…

Puzzle of GodTHE PUZZLE OF GOD (1999) Peter Vardy’s much acclaimed introduction to the study of ideas about God – now revised and updated. A clear, well-written guide to philosophical thinking about God. Starting with the question of what it means to say we believe in God, and looking at the nature of truth, Peter Vardy goes on to examine ideas about God and their influence on Christian thinking. Peter Vardy takes the reader through the arguments, using amusing illustrations and analogies. He writes for the lay person or student, not assuming any specialist knowledge, and not imposing any particular view.

‘This is about the best elementary textbook in the philosophy of God I have come across… an extremely useful book.’ Hugh Meynell, The Tablet.

‘This is a masterpiece of coherence. Step by step the reader is led clearly and humorously through the philosophical maze which confuses our thinking about God.’ Linda Smith, Head of Religious Education, King’s College, London


THE PUZZLE OF ETHICS (1999) A guide to the complex subject of ethics explained in clear and entertaining language. This new edition is fully revised and updated. This popular introduction to the subject of ethics poses vital contemporary questions and explores the approach of leading thinkers. The authors take the reader, step by step, through the complex arguments on issues such as animal an human rights, environmental ethics and the morality of war.

‘It is a great gift to be able to make philosophy accessible to the general reader. This is a wonderfully clear introduction both to moral philosophy and to contemporary ethical concerns.’ David Atkinson, Church Times



THE PUZZLE OF EVIL (1999) A popular introduction to arguments about the existence of evil in the world. Complex issues are explained in clear and entertaining language. Another title in Peter Vardy’s much acclaimed Puzzle series, setting out the classic dilemma of Christian thought – why is there evil in the world if God is good? It seems that either God is not powerful enough, or not good enough to prevent it. Vardy draws on the work of Christian and secular writers to explain the issues. Vardy looks at the argument of free will, the devil, natural evil and absolute value judgments.

‘A refreshing book which teachers and students of religion and philosophy, plus many lay people, will find clear and readable.’ Catholic Herald