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Hello Wendy (from CCGS, Central Coast NSW)

I would just like to acknowledge Peter’s input to our students last year . The conference was an exceptional opportunity and is clearly paying dividends now in the student’s thinking. I am currently marking TOK essays and a number of students have quoted Peter and alluded to concepts he discussed. Clearly he planted some valuable seeds that have shaped and guided their thinking. We are very fortunate to have had access to such a learned scholar.

Hello Wendy, (from Star of the Sea, Melbourne, VIC)

I just wanted to thank you, Peter and Charlotte for a wonderful PD ON Friday. I really found the material so interesting and am slowly working my way through the DVD/CD ROM. There is so much information and I feel so spoilt to have been given the opportunity to further challenge my students in their thinking. If we can open up their minds to a more inclusive world who knows we may someday be able to all live in peace.

Dear Wendy, (from St. Aloysius, Adelaide, SA)

I really enjoyed the presentation day Peter Vardy gave last Wednesday at Sacred Heart College in Adelaide . I was both educated and inspired by him and will use a great many of his thoughts and ideas in my classes. Please pass on my appreciation to him.

Dear Wendy, (from Centenary Heights High, QLD)

Just a brief note to say thank you for Friday’s presentation – it was really well received from the youngest to the oldest in the group. Peter, the group was composed of my accelerated learning group in English and the presentation really pulled the last 18 months of work together for the Year 9/10 group as we’ve addressed some of the work in less depth in class etc. The other eight people were the more mature thinkers in the current Year 8/9 group who are just beginning to realize what the class is all about. They enjoyed the presentation, being with the older group and are looking forward to my in class stuff as well.

Hi Wendy, (from John, Fahan,TAS)

My class were really thrilled with Peter’s seminar yesterday ( no surprise for us of course) – his knowledge and delivery and even the sometimes confronting statements kept them enthralled. We have talked about Ethics all day! Please give Peter our thanks. Just keep us in mind too whenever you need a venue for staff sessions.