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Wombat Education is committed to keeping events accessible to all, but also to maintaining the highest quality in terms of content and resources.  We cannot employ back-room staff that commercial companies rely upon, Wombat Education is run by one person in Australia.

To book, either fill in the booking form here (or e-mail the following details in a message with the subject “CONFERENCE BOOKING”) WEBSITE BOOKING UNABLE AT PRESENT


  1. Your name, e-mail address, telephone no. and school name
  2. Conference, venue and date to book
  3. Total number of students and teachers
  4. A statement that you have read, understood and accept the Terms and Conditions of booking below.

TERMS & CONDITIONS (Please read carefully before booking)

Filling out the booking form – or e-mailing with the subject CONFERENCE BOOKING – constitutes a formal booking request; please ensure that you have the requisite authority and/or permissions and have finalized numbers BEFORE making the booking.  

We ask everybody who wishes to book to do so via this website form in order to ensure that they have read these terms and conditions and to avoid confusion about other details.

Tentative bookings may be made and once a formal booking is confirmed an invoice will be sent and the relevant places will be reserved for your school for 30 days.   Payment is expected within these 30 days .  If you change your mind about numbers or need to cancel before payment has been processed, then please let us know as soon as possible so that we can release the places to others. Please understand that Wombat Education is a very small enterprise!  We make very little out of this work, which we do because we firmly believe that it makes a difference to young people.  The costs of organizing conferences with international speakers and exclusive resources are very high and we need schools and teachers to think ahead and give us reasonable notice of changes so that we do not end up having to cancel future conferences and disappointing other young people.

If you would like to find out more about the conferences or ascertain availability etc. then please e-mail or telephone us directly..

Your booking request will be answered promptly and an invoice, giving details of how to pay, will be emailed to you.  All invoices are payable within 30 days and in all cases must be finalized 7 clear days before the event.  If an invoice remains unpaid after 30 days, the booking becomes UNCONFIRMED and we reserve the right to offer the places to other schools and you may miss out.

Payments may be made either by cheque or bank-transfer, but you must quote your invoice number and school name as failure to do so could lead to delays and confusion.

CONFIRMATION e-mails will be sent to schools with final details, directions, timings etc. one week before the conference.

Host schools will receive a discount off the full  price for the conference by negotiation and when numbers are finalized and paid for promptly;   We pay host schools (or an outside caterer) for catering and, beyond providing the room facility and parking for one car, there are no other costs to the host school.  We rely on the generosity and enthusiasm of schools to host our student and teacher conferences; commercial venue costs would make the conferences unaffordable for most schools and students.

Other schools may receive a small discount on bookings for 100+ students or on bookings for 3+ teachers (for PD).  We can only consider this when the places are all booked together at one time and paid for promptly, upon receipt of the invoice.

All discounts are subject to availability of places and are ultimately at the discretion of Wombat Education.


Details and terms and conditions for host schools are available upon request.

Confirmed conference bookings, like theater or cinema tickets, are usually non-refundable unless the conference is cancelled by us.  Refunds will only be made in certain circumstances at our discretion,  and never in the case of no-shows on the day of the conference. Please warn students (and teachers) that they should not expect a refund if they are unwell, or it turns out that they have a match, exam etc at the last minute or if they just forget to attend.

We reserve the right to change conference venues, session details and speakers if operationally necessary but we promise to give you as much notice of changes as is possible and to ensure that any substitutions are appropriate and travel arrangements etc. need not be significantly altered.

Please ascertain final numbers and obtain permission for the trip or PD before filling in the booking form. Doing so and making a formal booking request is your responsibility; it renders your school liable for the cost of the places you book on their behalf, so think carefully before pressing send!  As was explained above, confirmed bookings are usually non-refundable – although they are transferable.  It is always best to contact us to talk through the options as early as possible.

If you need to add extra students, that is fine, subject to availability of course. Just e-mail us and we will do what we can to help.

We always welcome feedback and suggestions regarding the organisation and content of our conferences.  Please send any feedback by e-mail to