Bespoke Conferences

Dr Peter Vardy’s “Bespoke Conferences” have proven extremely popular in the UK and have recently expanded to cover international schools across Europe and and in Australia…

Schools appreciate Peter’s flexibility; teachers choose topics and timings and work with us to ensure that the needs of their students are met effectively.  Students love his approach to teaching, which combines depth and rigour with passion and charisma.  Every group comes away with the same sense that they have had a substantial learning experience which has both enthused and extended them. These events aim to provide academically rigorous opportunities which are also engaging and accessible to all.   Our prices are kept low and we always deliver maximum value in terms of full, up-to-the-minute sessions and provide extensive printed and digital resources to accompany most events.

Wombat Education is now able to arrange Bespoke events for schools or groups of schools across Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore, for selected dates in 2018 .  Please contact us to discuss your requirements as early as possible.    


What can we do for you?

Peter’s Bespoke Events are specially created to suit the needs of each individual school, so really – within the broad areas of Ethics, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theory of Knowledge or School Ethos – we can be guided by you and can create unique sessions to suit your priorities and your students – or teachers.

Faced with so much choice, some people find it difficult to know where to start, so as a guide only… and not as a limitation… here are some events that Peter has run successfully in recent years, in Australia and across the world.

  • Events for all senior students in a school exploring sports’ ethics, business ethics and finance or sex and human relationships
  • Events for all Gifted students (Years 9-12) in a school introducing them to Philosophy and building Critical Thinking skills.
  • Events for IB Diploma Students extending and enriching their core Theory of Knowledge courses.
  • Events for IB Theory of Knowledge teachers, providing philosophical background to the course and some ideas about how to tackle the new guide.
  • Events for all teachers within a particular diocese, exploring what it means to teach in a Catholic School.
  • Events for Studies of Religion teachers within a particular diocese, improving and updating subject-knowledge.

The Bottom Line…

The cost of a full day student conference at your school is $1500, including four sessions and student resources.

The cost for a full day teacher PD within a single school is $2000, which includes four sessions and a range of resources for those who attend.

Charges for a whole-day INSET organised by an educational organisation or group of schools are by negotiation.

It is possible, by negotiation, to advertise the conference to other local schools and perhaps to pass on some of the costs.

Stand-alone lectures and events for clubs and associations, parishes or other organisations may also be possible by negotiation and bookings relating to Peter giving media interviews and the like in Australasia should also be directed through us.


Typical comments relating to Bespoke events in the UK and recently in Australia

“I didn’t get bored.  Anti realism and realism are two very interesting ways to look at the world which I didn’t know before.  He showed me how many things we take for granted or common sense can be analysed and given reasoning e.g. the Flatland clip”  Georgie Sanderson Year 11 CGGS

“He explained the points he was making with understandable examples, which helped consolidate what he was saying, in my head.” Student, Year 11 CCGS

“He engaged us;  He was a great public speaker and barely needed any prompts to do a 2 hour presentation”  Maddie Holly Year 11 CGGS

Very many thanks for leading such a fantastic morning for us on Tuesday.  Every response has been extremely positive – the students were enthused and stretched; the HoDs from the other schools were very impressed and the third session also fed into some interesting conversations amongst staff about the school ethos and values!” The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School

‘The day was a great success and Peter enlivened students with his forthright and engaging style.  I was particularly pleased that he did not shy away from more complex, challenging issues and showed what an academically challenging subject RS is.’ Joe Fenton, Head of Religious Studies, Reading Blue Coat School

We had a wonderful morning.  The girls were engaged throughout, despite it being a very hot Saturday morning at the end of term.  Vardy’s pace is fast and furious.  He challenges their existing prejudices and encourages them to build their own view from the ground up.  I loved that every subject got a mention so the students could see the relevance to their interests.  There were too many hands up to take all the comments, and Peter received a warm and extended round of applause at the end, which I think says it all.Jess Roberts, Cheltenham Ladies’ College

There was no better way to start an academic year with sixth formers than to excite them about the world, encourage them to ask questions and get them to see beneath appearances. Above all, Peter Vardy makes their studies seem much more important than means to gain certificates.’ Tim Firth, Senior Deputy Head, Hurstpierpoint College

The ‘ignite’ conference was a blazing success (pardon the pun!). All of the students were fully engaged for the whole day in what were some really rather advanced ideas, and it was really very good at revealing a few otherwise hidden stars. It was a very well structured and fully engaging day.” Darren Bastyan G&T workshop, Trinity School, Croydon
This entire day was incredibly valuable, and I would thoroughly recommend this experience to anyone who has the opportunity or interest in expanding their knowledge in this area… this will continue to benefit me throughout the rest of my A Level courses as well as my exams.’ Year 13 Student, Philosophy Workshop at Farlinghaye High School