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LearningEnrichmentHeroForty Loreto Normanhurst students from Year 10 and 11 attended the Ethics Matters conference organised by Wombat Education.  They were accompanied by Ms Ann-Maree Zelmanowski and Ms Mary Nosworthy. This conference was held at St Mary’s Cathedral College and conducted by Dr Peter Vardy (UK educationalist and author). Peter Vardy aims to build skills in critical thinking as well as increase students’ awareness of world issues and the existence of, and reasons for, different points of view. The sessions were:

Goodness and God – exploring  the relationship between religion and morality
Utilitarianism – is ethical decision-making all about happiness?
Kantian Ethics – to show the relevance and applicability of Kant’s approach in the 21st Century, encouraging and   enabling students to engage with his ideas on a deeper level.
The Ethics of War – exploring the ethics of Pacifism and traditional just war theory

The day challenged each of the girls to think in more depth about each topic and concluded with a lively debate; the house believes that Political Assassination can never be justified where all students had the opportunity to contribute.

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