Peter Vardy on Education 2018 – New Video

Dr. Peter Vardy will not be coming to Australia in May 2019.  This is very unfortunate but he will be coming out in 2020.  I know this is a long way off but I am planning  to bring some videos to you by Peter on subjects which I hope will be of interest.

To view Peter’s first video for 2018, please  click on link below.


About our Conferences

Ethics, Philosophy and Religion; our conferences also support Gifted Education.  Dr Peter Vardy extends and enriches the normal secondary curriculum, combining academic rigour and the latest research with outstanding teaching, quality resources and a focus on critical thinking.  His events provide senior and gifted students with a foretaste of university that has been demonstrated to re-enthuse, inspiring young people with what lies beyond Year 12 and helping them think about what sort of adult they want to become.

the BEST excursion we have ever been on”  Year 11 girls, PLC Pymble

Wombat Education also runs teacher professional-development conferences and organizes bespoke student or teacher-training workshops for individual schools and diocese.  Our PD sessions focus on subject knowledge – whether in Studies of Religion, Ethics, Philosophy or the Philosophy of Education – and they all provide teachers with the latest research, enabling them to plan truly effective lessons to support sustained learning.  We always treat teachers as adults and as professionals with active academic interests; we promise never to dumb down or use sugar-paper!

one of the best ethics sessions I have attended in really supporting teachers with ways they can develop these concepts in the classroom…” Anne, Lutheran Education

All our events come with rich, extensive supporting notes and resources for each participant, extending and enriching their knowledge and understanding and suggesting a wealth of activities that may be done to consolidate learning later on. Conference resources may include DVDs, printed books or booklets, e-books, videos and podcasts or editable PowerPoints and worksheets to download and use in class. Wombat also sells some books and resources either individually or in sets.

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Dr Vardy’s capacity to take students from the adolescent worldview and invite them into the meaningful world mediated by great minds and irresistible questions of human living is matched by no-one I have encountered in education… he expects and receives attentive minds who open up to the intellectual and moral questions that exist in the lives of those present. I always feel that I am receiving a personal tutorial.” Geoff, Director of Mission, VIC

Designed to extend and enrich learning, teachers bring their students year after year for a reason!  Every one knows that their students will keep on talking about the events for months and that they can rely on our PD to make sure that their lessons are based on solid, up-to-date academic content as well as being engaging and imaginative.  Our 2017 student event A Grand Design: Science Ethics & Religion in Dialogue is over and students and teachers were thoroughly impressed as usual.    Find out more about hosting or organizing a bespoke event in your school in 2018?

Thanks to you and to Peter and Charlotte for your assistance and wonderful presentations over the years. I’m certainly richer for many of the experiences….” Carol, Teacher, QLD

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